Been gone a long time

Apparently, it's been so long since I last did anything with my website that my entire site has been deleted. I was trying to remember my password (which for the life of me I cannot remember) with the hopes of somehow making it spring back to life however, looking at the smallprint for homestead it appears even basic websites now require a monthly fee & as I wasn't paying anything that could be why it was deleted. I was a bit surprised how long it's been since I last updated this livejournal, this is mostly because I moved out of my parents home & don't have a computer at my new home yet or the internet. Apologies that this is all one paragraph but the return button doesn't seem to be working for me & livejournal seems to have hidden anything relating to creating a new paragraph. A long time ago the last time I was having trouble with webhosts keep deleting my website I backed everything into a separate livejournal site, so in case anyone wants to read the stories which were on my website, follow this link: http://sharonssite.livejournal.com/

The mentalist

Has anyone been watching the Mentalist? I've been meaning to watch it for a while and I'd managed to catch an episode from series 2 a couple of weeks ago. I enjoyed it so much I bought the first series on DVD. It's described I believe as a cross between Sherlock Holmes and Psych. I've never seen Psych though, so I can't comment. I do see similarities with Due South though, not only in the tragic past of the lead character Patrick Jane, but also in the way he manages to rub people up the wrong way. There's also the gorgeousness of the lead actor as well. So if you aren't already watching I would highly recommend it.

MFU families

I was wondering what we know about the agents families? Has anyone written a list of what we learn from the series.

For instance, Illya mentions his grandmother a few times, if I recall correctly, so it appears as if she had a hand in his raising, possibly after the death of his mother. He also mentions in the Double Affair he wouldn't want his sister to marry "an American", but I'm not sure psychology wise he seems like the type to be raised with a sister, not given his apparent mistrust of women.

Napoleon's double mentions his mother, in the Double affair and Illya doesn't say anything, though does give him a funny look, but you'd expect his double wouldn't have referred to a mother that had died (and so make Illya suspicious). We know he has a maiden aunt Amy, and I think we hear what Solo's grandparents did. I'm not sure if he ever mentions his father though or if he had any siblings.

Mr Waverly we know has a wife and a brother in law, as well as a niece Maude, I don't recall it being mentioned if he has any children. I wonder if he would as they could be used against him, what with him being head of Section 1.

I've never seen enough of either Mark Slate or April Dancer to know if they ever mention any family members.

New series NCIS

I know DMc was going around promoting it, so it must be coming soon, but I can't seem to find any listings for when the new series of NCIS starts in the UK. Does anyone know?


A work colleague was recommending I join facebook the other day. Is anyone a member there? I just wondered if there are any security issues relating to it which I should be aware of before I decide if I'm going to join it or not.


I came across this article on msn:


 It makes interesting reading. Apparently they've come up with the term bromance for 'A non-sexual relationship between two men that are unusually close'.

There's no mention made of Fraser and either of the Rays from Due South, however they do mention many of my other favourite friendships, Kirk and Spock, Napoleon Solo and Illya Kuryakin, Bodie and Doyle, Starsky and Hutch and even House and Wilson. It does say as well that it isn't a new thing because it dates back to 1964 with the Man from U.N.C.L.E., I think it dates back longer than that though, since it surely has to include Sherlock Holmes and Doctor Watson from over a century ago.

Lord of the Rings Extended Films

I'm thinking about getting the Lord of the Rings Extended trilogy boxset, as several online companies seem to be selling it for £25 at the moment. I think I should probably see what they're selling it for in the shops first as I feel kind of guilty about the shops suffering so badly. With a bit of luck it might be a similar sort of price what with the sales being on. I'm still considering reading the book at some point and I'm thinking by watching the extended versions I'm building up gradually to it:)

I'm presently half way through the fourth book in the Noble Dead series, which is described as being a cross between Lord of the Rings and Buffy, and so far I'm enjoying the series very much. I'm a little worried about how the series will end but I refuse to read the last page of book six as I know if it's a depressing ending I won't read anymore it.

I should like the Lord of the Rings books as I enjoyed the Lord of the Rings films, however, I think one of the main things putting me off is the translation aspect. Tolkien wrote the books in Russian, so really your dependent on how good or bad the translator is and the only other book I read which was translated from Russian was Dr Zhivago which I found nightmare-ish when I tried to read it for an assignment at school. There were a great number of characters all of which seemed to have different names they were known by, I think there was even an index page with a list of the characters and their various names. So whilst I would like to read it I do have concerns about whether I'll actually be able to cope with the text.

ETA: Apparently, I was getting mixed up with Tolstoy. Having watched a couple of special features on my brand new LOTR box set, it turns out that Tolkien spent most of his life in the UK (so he wrote primarily in english perhaps with a bit of elvish thrown in? So I no longer have any excuse for not reading it, except of course that I need to finish reading the Noble Dead series first.